Leonardus Arnoldus den Toom

Welcome to my website.
Through these pages, I hope to give you a better understanding of who I'm and what I do.
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About me

  • Arno den Toom
  • Area Alkmaar, Netherlands
  • Wageningen UR Plant Biotechnology
  • +31 (0) 6 215 137 99
  • On this page, you will find a shortenend version of my CV. Currently, I'm employed at Syngenta Flowers where I’m fully involved with both the plant breeders, scientists and Production & Supply Chain.
    I’m currently focussing on grow-out (true to type testing), plant selections, technology development, and various other supportive roles. Additionally, I'm setting up experiments for germplasm quality.
    For full detailed information see this link.


  • Syngenta Seeds B.V. – Andijk / Enkhuizen, the Netherlands

    My role, as a specialist germplasm quality, at the Syngenta Flowers Research & Development includes (full) grow-out of both (grand)parent and commercial materials for purity (true-to-type) testing and new selections. This is done for material received from seeds, cuttings and tissue culture. Additionally, I support the technology & processing group in the acquirements and implementation of new technology.

  • Plant Breeding – Wageningen University and Research Centre (Guest Employee)

    I have been made a guest employee at the department of Plant Breeding of the Wageningen University and Research Centre. I can participate in meetings, lectures and other group activities. This is arranged for my personal development to learn and create new ideas with regards to plant breeding.

  • Plant Research International & Wageningen University ad Research Centre

    M.Sc. Thesis For my M.Sc. thesis, I investigated the effects of saline soil on the growth performance and yield of Chenopodium quinoa (none-bitter varieties). This was completed at the Wageningen University and Research Centre’s Unifarm with the collaboration of Plant Research International.

  • European Space Agency – European Space Research and Technology Centre (MoU)

    For my B.Sc. graduation internship and M.Sc. internship, I have gained a position at the Dutch Experiment Support Center (VU University Amsterdam) which has granted me a Memorandum of Understanding at the European Space Agency – European Space Research and Technology Centre.
    Part of this has been the following:

    • Travel to Madrid to consult and learn new techniques
    • Recreate and start plant lab like Madrid at the European Space Agency
    • Execute the experiments and analyze the data
      • In Madrid and at the European Space Agency
    • Create a qRT-PCR at the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam
    • Evaluate the difference between two gravity simulators (statistics)
    • Investigate the progressive effects of simulated micro-, partial-, and hyper- gravity on Arabidopsis thaliana.
  • Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research TEXEL, the Netherlands

    I have worked at the Brussaard Laboratory for Marine Viral Ecology Research at the Biological Oceanographic department of the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (location Texel, the Netherlands).
    Among other activities, my position included:

    • Internship regarding the competition of Phaeocystis globosa viruses for an algal host.
    • Research to see the effects of CO2 concentration on the diatom Chaetoceros tenuissimus.
      • Maintaining phytoplankton cultures in Static light, Dynamic light and Chemostats
      • General (lab) maintenance


  • Experimental Science

  • Program & Portfolio Management

  • Data Processing

  • Technology Development

  • Imaging Technology

  • Laboratory

  • Programming

  • Remote (Earth) Observation

  • Address: Broek op Langedijk
  • Phone: +31 (0) 6 215 137 99
  • Web: http://dentoom.org